China-Japan-Korea Symposium 2013, 10 th Anniversary


China-Japan-Korea Symposium 2013 Message from Chairman

On the behalf of the Organization Committee of the 2013 China-Japan-Korea Symposium on Analytical Chemistry (CJK 2013), it is my pleasure to officially announce that the symposium will be held on August 22-25, at Fukuoka and Nagasaki, JAPAN. This symposium is supported by some discussion groups of Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry (JSAC) and JSAC itself. This symposium will be held on the special session on the Twelfth Asian Conference on Analytical Sciences (ASIANALYSIS XII). CJK 2013 is the 10th symposium, then we are planning to cerebrate 10th anniversary with all participants. You are cordially invited to participate in this meaningful symposium.

Contributions are welcome for oral and poster presentations at the CJK 2013, concerning all aspects of analytical chemistry & related techniques and applications. It’s extraordinarily chance to attend ASIANALYSIS and discuss with many Asian researchers at same period, same place.


Hiroshi Sato
Nagasaki International University.

Symposium date:

August 22, Welcome and registration, at ASIANALYSIS
August 23, Symposium and poster session. ASIANALYSIS banquet
August 24 10th Anniversary Ceremony at Fukuoka. Move to Nagasaki by bus & 10th Anniversary event at Nagasaki.
August 25, Farewell

Symposium place:

Lecture & Poster
The Maidashi campus of Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan
10th Anniversery Ceremony
The Maidashi campus of Kyushu University, Fukuoka Japan
10th Anniversery event
Nagasaki International University & Huis Ten Bosch at Nagasaki, Japan (Special Seminar, Event & tour)

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Reference and History of China-Japan-Korea Symposium on Analytical Chemistry

This China-Japan-Korea Symposium on Analytical Chemistry can be traced to the China-Japan Symposium on Environmental Analytical Chemistry held in 2002 in Beijing. The symposium was organized by Prof. Toshiyuki HOBO, the GC discussion group of Japan and the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES), Chinese Academy of Sciences (China).

Initially, it was proposed at the 40th jubilee of establishment of the GC discussion group of Japan to hold one of the regular bimonthly meetings outside of Japan. Since group members have well acquaintance with Prof. Jin-Ming LIN in RCEES, GC discussion group expected to visit China and exchange information with Prof. Lin’s group. From now on Dr. Tsuneaki MAEDA worked as a secretary in Japan side. This symposium was successfully held and it was very fruitful for both sides. Then, GC discussion group did the next effort to expand the meeting to another country, i.e. Korea.

In 2003, Korea-Japan symposium on Gas Chromatography symposium was held at Seoul with Korean GC research group. The GC research group in Korea was established and organized by Prof. Dong-Sun LEE and Prof. Mangoo KIM. At this symposium, Prof. LIN was invited to Seoul. There, the organizing member discussed about the next meeting, and decided to start 2004 meeting as China-Japan-Korea Symposium on Environmental Analytical Chemistry.

The symposium was held at Beijing in 2004 organized by Prof. Jin-Min LIN, symposium chair was Prof. Xiaoquan SHAN. It was also very successful and we exchanged friendship with many researchers as well as Japanese ones. Both members of GC discussion group of Japan and Korean GC research group jointed together with Chinese researchers. Topics in this symposium were not limited to the ones related with GC, but it expanded to the separation sciences. This symposium was recorded as 1st China-Japan-Korea symposium on Environmental Analytical Chemistry (CJK Symposium).

2005, 2nd CJK Symposium opened at Makuhari during JAIMA show. This symposium was supported mainly by Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry (JSAC) and Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers Association (JAIMA), managed by GC discussion group of Japan. The four discussion groups in JSAC, namely LC, GC, IC, FIA discussion groups joined together and organized. At this moment, Prof. Hiroshi NAKAMURA was the chair of the organizing committee. GC research group in Korea organized committee and attended the meeting. China committee was also organized by Prof. Lin and jointed together.

3rd CJK Symposium, 2006 at Chongqing, China, organized by Prof. Cheng Zhi HUANG and Prof. Jin-Min LIN

4th CJK Symposium, 2007 at Jeju Island, Korea, organized by Prof, Dong-Sun LEE and Dr. Jaeho HA. It was opened as a special session in ASIANALYSIS.

5th CJK Symposium, 2008 at Xiamen, China, organized by Prof, Xi CHEN and Prof. Quiquan WAN.

We organized 6th CJK symposium at Makuhari, Chiba again, year 2009. Discussion group of Environmental Analysis (EA) jointed and expanded research area. Under the direction of the symposium chair, Prof. Hiroshi NAKAMURA, Tokyo University of Science (chair of JSAC), we decided to change symposium title from China-Japan-Korea Symposium on Environmental Analytical chemistry to China-Japan-Korea Symposium on Analytical Chemistry. At this symposium, the research area was expanded to the analytical chemistry.

Many manufactures related with the analytical chemistry have been supporting these symposiums. The symposium was expected to be continued for coming years for exchanging information with close relationships and friendships.

7th CJK symposium, 2010 at Wuhan, China, organized by Prof. Zhilin Chen.

8th CJK symposium, 2011 at Jeju Island, Korea again, organized by Dr. Jaeho-HA and Prof. Dong-Sun LEE.

9th CJK symposium, 2012 at Shanghai, China, organized by Prof. Jin-Ming LIN, Joined with 6th Shanghai International Symposium on Analytical Chemistry.

Now, 10th Symposium, 2013 at Kyushu, Japan, organized by Prof. Hiroshi SATO. We are pleased to have you join us, share your very recent research, meet and know each other and extend our friendship. We are planning to celebrate 10th anniversary with you by special ceremony at Fukuoka and event/tour at Nagasaki. Lastly, I do like to welcome all delegates from abroad, and also heartily hope that every attendee will have satisfaction and enjoy this symposium.

Tsuneaki MAEDA, Ph. D.
Secretary of the Organizing Committee of CJK Symposium 2013

Abstract first page2002-2012

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Download (CJK2007002.pdf) Download (CJK2008.pdf)

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Committee Member

Organizing Committee
Prof. Hiroshi Sato
Nagasaki International University

Prof. Jin-Ming Lin
Tsinghua University (China)

Dr. Jaeho Ha
Korea Food Research Institute (Korea)

Committee Members (*International Advisory board)


Prof. Xi Chen*
Xiamen University

Prof. Yi Chen*
Institute of Chemist, CAS

Prof. Zilin Chen
Wuhan University

Prof. Chengzhi Huang
Southwest University

Dr. Yuki Hashi
Shimadzu Shanghai

Prof. Gongke Li
Sun Yat-sen University

Prof. Jin-Ming Lin*
Tsinghua University

Prof. Huwei Liu*
Peking University

Prof. Bi-Feng Liu
Hanzhong University

Prof. Lehui Lu
Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS

Prof. Feng Luo
Fujian Research Institute of Metric Science

Prof. Jianghua Wang*
Northwest University

Prof. Hailong Wu
Hunan University

Prof. Xiurong Yang*
Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS

Dr. Suping Zheng
Chinese Chemical Society

Prof. Hanfa Zou*
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS


Emeritus Prof. Toshiyuki Hobo*
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Prof. Hiroshi Nakamura*
Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry, Japan

Prof. Masaaki Kai*
Nagasaki University, Japan

Prof. Hiroshi Sato
Nagasaki International University

Prof. Kazuaki Ito*
Kinki University

Prof. Katsumi Uchiyama*
Tokyo Metropolitan University

Prof. Koichi Oguma*
Chiba University

Prof. Toshihiko Imato*
Kyushu University

Prof. Toyohide Takeuchi*
Gifu University

Prof. Kinichi Tsunoda*
Gunma University

Dr. Tsuneaki Maeda

Prof. Tadao Sakai*
Aichi Institute of Technology

Prof. Xing-Zheng Wu
Fukuoka Institute of Technology

Prof. Kiwao Kadokami
The University of Kitakyushu

Prof. Prof. Kazuichi Hayakawa*
Kanazawa University

Prof. Hideaki Hisamoto*
Osaka Prefecture University

Dr. Osamu Niwa*


Prof. Dong-Sun Lee*
Seoul Women’s University

Dr. Jaeho Ha*
Korea Food Research Institute

Prof. Man-Goo Kim*
Kangwon National University

Prof. Sunyoung Bae
Seoul Women’s University

Dr. Janghyuk Ahn
Namyang Raily Co. Ltd.

Dr. Cheongtae Kim
Nong Shim Co. Ltd.

Dr. Dongwon Seo
Korea Food Research Institute

Prof. Homoon Seog
Gyeongbook University

Dr. Jounghae Lee
Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science

Dr. Yun-Je Kim
Korea Institute of Science and Technology

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Secretary & contact person
Japan : Dr. Tsuneaki MAEDA (
China : Prof. Xi Chen (
Korea : Dr. Jaeho Ha (

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CJK Award

China-Japan-Korea Symposium 2013 Award
Name Affiliation
Prof. Dr. Jin-Ming Lin Tsinghua University, China
Prof. Dr. Chen Xi Xiamen University, China
Prof. Dr. Cheng Zhi Huang Southwest University, China
Prof. Dr. Dong-Sun Lee Seoul Women's University, Korea
Dr. Jaeho Ha Korea Food Research Institute, Korea
Dr. Yuki Hashi Shimadzu China Co. Ltd., China
Prof. Dr. Koichi Oguma Chiba University, Japan
Emeritus Prof. Dr. Toshiyuki Hobo Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Nakamura Tokyo Science University, Japan


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