Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 36(1), 61 (2020).

Vapor-phase Synthesis of Bimetallic Plasmonic Nanoparticles
Naomi SAKONO,* Kazuki OMORI,* Koki YAMAMOTO,* Naru ISHIKURO,* and Masafumi SAKONO**
*Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Toyama College, 13 Hongo, Toyama, Toyama 939-8630, Japan
**Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, University of Toyama, 3190 Gifuku, Toyama, Toyama 930-8555, Japan
Regulating the nanostructure of composite nanoparticles is essential for making them suitable for various applications. In general, the chemical reduction method is employed for preparing metal nanoparticles in the liquid phase. However, complicated techniques are required to control the nanostructure during particle synthesis. The evaporation/condensation method is used for synthesizing nanoparticles in the vapor-phase. Although this method produces impurity-free particles without aggregation, very few studies have been carried out on the synthesis of composite particles in the vapor-phase. In this study, we synthesized composite nanoparticles in the vapor-phase by using the evaporation/condensation method. The results showed that bimetallic nanoparticles are produced by this method. Moreover, it was indicated that the nanostructure of the synthesized nanoparticles is influenced by the order of the electric furnace with different temperatures.