Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 34(7), 801 (2018).

Simultaneous Determination of Inorganic Cations and Anions in Microchip Electrophoresis Using High-voltage Relays
Zhe HUANG,*,** Mingpeng YANG,*,** Hui YOU,*,** and Yang XIE*,**
*Institute of Intelligent Machines, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei 230031, PR China
**Department of Instruments Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230026, PR China
A new and simple method for the simultaneous determination of cations and anions by microchip electrophoresis with capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection (ME-C4D) is described. The best analytical performance was found by applying a sinusoidal wave with 800 kHz frequency and 20 Vpp amplitude. An optimized background electrolyte (BGE) composed of 20 mM His/MES and 0.01 mM CTAB was chosen for the simultaneous analysis. Samples containing K+, Na+, and Li+ as the cations and Cl, F and PO43− as anions were analyzed simultaneously in a single run (within 3 min). The reproducibility obtained by the method was compared with those obtained in previous studies that had employed simultaneous analysis of anions and cations by ME-C4D. The proposed simultaneous determination method is inexpensive, simple, fast, easy to operate, and offers a high degree of integration.