Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 33(11), 1219 (2017).

Green Electroanalytical Method for Fast Measurement of Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitor Febuxostat
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, A. Kovacica 1, Zagreb 10000, Croatia
The electrooxidation of xanthine oxidase inhibitor febuxostat was investigated on a boron-doped diamond electrode in aqueous solution. The oxidation of the drug molecule was irreversible and exhibited a diffusion-controlled form. A green electroanalytical method for simple and fast measurements of febuxostat was developed at the unmodified electrode surface. The analyses were performed using square-wave voltammetric peak current at 1.38 V. The linear response was obtained in the range of 7.5 × 10−7 – 2.0 × 10−5 M with the detection limit of 9.5 × 10−8 M. The practical analytical value of the method is demonstrated by quantitative determination of febuxostat in film-coated tablets with excellent recovery of 99.6%. Interference studies reveal that uric acid shows a well-developed voltammetric response at +0.64 V. In view of this, the electroanalytical performances of the boron-doped diamond electrode can open up new possibilities for development of the method for simultaneous clinical analysis of febuxostat and uric acid.