Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 31(8), 847 (2015).

Evaluation of the Effect on Temperature Conversion of pHT at 25°C in the Temperature Range 0 – 40°C Due to Incorrect Estimations of Salinity, Alkalinity, and Phosphate and Silicate Concentrations
Center for Advanced Marine Core Research, Kochi University, B200 Monobe, Nankoku, Kochi 783-8502, Japan
Under conditions where carbonate and oceanic parameters such as alkalinity (AT), salinity (Sp), and phosphate (PT) and silicate (SiT) concentrations cannot be obtained, the use of fixed values to calculate total pH (pHT) at 25°C was demonstrated. For temperatures of 20 – 30°C, these values caused a maximum error of ±0.001 in pHT. For temperatures of 0 – 40°C, using fixed values with correct SP values caused a maximum error of approximately +0.0021.