Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 31(8), 841 (2015).

Retention Behavior of Halogenated Benzenes on a Stationary Phase Having a 2,4-Dibromophenoxy Group as the Halogen Recognition Functional Group
Toshio MIWA,*,** Shiho SUZUKI,* Rina TAKAI,* Ryohei YAMAMOTO,* Yoshinori INOUE,* and Atsushi YAMAMOTO*
*College of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Chubu University, 1200 Matsumoto-cho, Kasugai, Aichi 487-8501, Japan
**The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, AIST Chubu, 2266-98 Anagahora, Shimo-Shidami, Moriyama, Nagoya, Aichi 463-8560, Japan
A stationary phase with a dipole interaction was synthesized by immobilizing the 2,4-dibromophenoxy (DBP) group onto a hydrophilic base resin. The chromatographic properties for halogenated benzenes were evaluated on the DBP-resin by reversed phase mode. The separation efficiency of the DBP-resin for p-xylene and 1,4-dihalogenated benzenes was better than that of the column packed with octadecylsilane (ODS). The results suggested that the retention of the solutes on the DBP-resin depends on the Debye interaction in addition to with the dispersion force caused by the DBP group.