Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 28(7), 729 (2012).

Wavelet Transformation of Amperometric Algal Biosensor Response
Isao SHITANDA, Saki TERADA, Yoshinao HOSHI, and Masayuki ITAGAKI
Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science, 2641 Yamazaki, Noda, Chiba 278-8510, Japan
Wavelet transformation was applied as a noise elimination method of an amperometric algal biosensor. The drift of the baseline current was clearly removed by using the wavelet transformation. The S/N ratio, calculated by the power spectrum density, is about 3-times larger than that calculated by the current response. The response to a herbicide, atrazine, calculated from the power spectrum density in high-noise circumstance, was the same as that calculated from the current response in a low-noise circumstance.