Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 26(6), 671 (2010).

Determination of Water Content in Organic Solvents by Naphthalimide Derivative Fluorescent Probe
Chenggang NIU, Lemei LI, Pinzhu QIN, Guangming ZENG, and Yan ZHANG
College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Key Laboratory of Environmental Biology and Pollution Control Ministry of Education, Hunan University, Changsha 410082, Hunan, P. R. China
A new fluorescence dye, N-amino-4-(2-hydroxyethylamino)-1,8-naphthalimide (AHN), based on 4-bromo-1,8-naphthalic anhydride was synthesized as a fluorescence probe for determining water content in organic solvents. Changing from a non-polar to a polar solvent increases the solvent interaction with excitation spectrum and emission spectrum shifts to longer wavelengths. The fluorescence intensity of the probe decreased with the increasing concentration of water. In the range of 0.00 – 4.00% (v/v), the AHN fluorescence intensity changed as a linear function of water content. The detection limits were 0.019, 0.038, and 0.060% for dioxane, acetonitrile and ethanol, respectively.