Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 21(6), 705 (2005).

Determination of Ultratrace Amounts of Ruthenium(III) by the Delayed Autocatalytic Reaction Using Citric Acid
Jun KATO, Osamu OHNO, and Shukuro IGARASHI
Department of Materials Science, Faculty of Engineering, Ibaraki University, Nakanarusawa 4-12-1, Hitachi, Ibaraki 316-8511, Japan
A method for determination of ultratrace amounts (ppq levels) of ruthenium(III) was developed using a copper(II)-phthalocyanine-3,4′,4″,4′′′-tetrasulfonic sodium salt (Cu-PTS) as an indicator in a potassium bromate autocatalytic reaction system. A satisfactory calibration curve of ruthenium(III) ion was obtained by the time measurement in the concentration range of 1 × 10-13 M to 5 × 10-12 M with the relative standard deviation (RSD) of 2.8% (n = 5). The determination limits (3 σ) were 3.30 × 10-14 M (3.34 ppq).