Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 20(9), 1353 (2004).

Cloud Point Extraction and Preconcentration for the Gas Chromatography of Phenothiazine Tranquilizers in Spiked Human Serum
Akira OHASHI,* Mayuko OGIWARA,* Rieko IKEDA,* Haruki OKADA,** and Kousaburo OHASHI*
*Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science, Ibaraki University, Mito 310-8512, Japan
**Scientific Investigation Laboratory, Ibaraki Prefectural Police Headquarters, 978-6 Kasaharacho, Mito 310-8550, Japan
Cloud point extraction was successfully applied to the preconcentration of phenothiazine derivatives, such as pericyazine (PC), chlorpromazine (CP) and fluphenazine (FUL), for gas chromatography (GC). Phenothiazine derivatives were separated from surfactants by passing the surfactant-rich phase through a cation exchange column after cloud point extraction, permitting the determination of the phenothiazine derivatives extracted in the surfactant-rich phase by GC. The optimal condition for the cloud point extraction of phenothiazine derivatives was also investigated using Triton X-100, Triton X-114, and PONPE10. Triton X-114 provided the most efficient recovery of phenothiazine derivatives among the surfactants used. The addition of sodium chloride and excess ammonia to the sample solution resulted in a decrement of the recovery of the phenothiazine derivatives. The proposed method was applied to the determination of phenothiazine derivatives in spiked human serum by GC. The recoveries of PC, CP, and FUL in spiked human serum were 95.1%, 87.1%, and 84.7%, respectively.