Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 19(10), 1463 (2003).

Crystal Structure of 12-Methoxy-8,8,21,21-tetramethyl-5-(3-methylbut-2,4-dienyl)-19-(3-methylpent-4-enyl)-3,7,20-trioxahexacyclo [<2,15>.0<2,19>.0<4,13>.0<6,11>]docosa-4(13),5,9,11,15-pentaene-14,18-dione
Madegowda MAHENDRA, Beeranahally H. DORESWAMY, Hirihally C. DEVARAJEGOWDA, Venkatesh B. DEVARU, Sridhar M. ANANDALWAR, and Javaregowda S. PRASAD 
Department of Studies in Physics, University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, Mysore-570 006, India
The title compound was extracted from the natural product of plant origin. It crystallizes in tetragonal space group P41 or P43, with cell parameters a = 15.795(2)Å, c = 11.970(5)Å and Z = 4. The structure exhibits intermolecular hydrogen bonds of the type C-H…O.