Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 19(10), 1401 (2003).

Flotation-Separation of Aluminum from Some Water Samples Using Powdered Marble Waste and Oleic Acid
Shaban El-Sayed GHAZY,  Salem El-Sayed SAMRA, Abd El-Fattah Mohammed MAHDY, and Sherin Mohammed EL-MORSY
Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, P. O. Box 66, Egypt
Bench-scale experiments were conducted in the laboratory, aiming to remove aluminum from water. They were based on the use of powdered marble wastes (PMW), which are inexpensive and produced in large quantity, and thus potentially cause environmental problems, as an effective inorganic sorbent and oleic acid (HOL) as surfactant. The main parameters (solution pHs, sorbent, surfactant and aluminum concentrations, shaking time, ionic strength and the presence of foreign ions) that influence the sorptive-flotation process were examined. Good results were obtained under the optimum conditions, for which nearly 100% of aluminum at pH 7 and at room temperature (∼25°C) was removed. The procedure was successfully applied to the recovery of aluminum spiked to some natural water samples. Moreover, a sorption and flotation mechanism is suggested.