Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 18(2), 167 (2002).

Spectrophotometric Determination of Cerium(IV) Usinga Phenothiazine Derivative
Saraswati P. MASTI,* JaldappaSEETHARAMAPPA,*  Mahaveer B. MELWANKI,* andNoboru MOTOHASHI**
*Department of Chemistry, KarnatakUniversity, Dharwad-580 003, India
**Department of Medicinal Chemistry,Meiji Pharmaceutical University, 2-522-1 Noshio, Kiyose, Tokyo 204-8588,Japan
A simple, rapid and sensitivespectrophotometric method has been proposed for the determination ofcerium(IV) using a phenothiazine derivative, propionyl promazine phosphate(PPP). This method is based on the formation of a red-colored radicalcation upon a reaction of PPP with cerium(IV) in a phosphoric acid mediumhaving maximum absorbance at 513 nm. Beer's law is valid over theconcentration range of 1 - 11 ug/ml with a Sandell's sensitivity value of16.14 ng/cm2. The proposed method has been successfully appliedto the analysis of magnesium-base cerium alloys and synthetic mixturescorresponding to various cerium alloys. Other phenothiazine derivativesviz. butaperazine dimaleate and propericiazine were also used forthe determination of cerium(IV).