Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 17(11), 1321 (2001).

Rapid Derivative Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Platinum in Pt-Ru/C Catalyst Using Iodide Media
Department of Analytical Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology, Noakowskiego 3, 00-664 Warsaw, Poland
A rapid spectrophotometric method for the determination of platinum in 20% Pt-Ru (Pt:Ru (1:1)) carbon-supported catalyst has been developed. The samples of catalyst (0.85 - 12.60 mg) have been digested 1) in aqua regia after preliminary separation of carbon by burning or 2) directly in aqua regia in the presence of carbon. The detection of platinum was carried out in the obtained solutions after conversion of the metal into the iodide complex. The interfering effect of ruthenium on the detection of platinum was eliminated by the use of derivative spectrophotometry. Platinum was selectively determined by numerical calculation of the 4th-order-derivative absorption spectrum of the mixture of iodide complexes of both metals.