Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 16(3), 257 (2000).

Simple Method for Determining Trace Pesticides in Air UsingExtraction Disks
Hitoshi MURAYAMA, Hiroyuki MUKAI, Hideko MITOBE, and Noboru MORIYAMA
Niigata Prefectural Research Laboratory for Health and Environment, Sowa, Niigata 950-2144, Japan
A conventional method for the quantitative and simultaneous analysis of a large number of pesticides was proposed using a combination of commercial extraction disks and a quartz-fiber disk. Pesticides contained in air were collected on these disks at a flow rate of 10 l min-1 and extracted by acetone. The extracted solution was analyzed quantitatively with GC/MS. In order to evaluate the accuracy of this method, a recovery test was performed. Forty-five kinds of pesticides were spiked on the quartz-fiber disk at a concentration level of 0.2 ug by collecting 10 m3 of clean air. The recovery efficiencies of almost 40 kinds of pesticides showed more than 80%, and the coefficients of variations were less than 20%. The method was applied to a practical environmental analysis of pesticides, and an appropriate result could be obtained.