Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 15(4), 327 (1999).

Investigation on the Elimination Processes of Carbon Compounds in Hydrolysis Products of Aluminum Alkoxides by Evolved Gas Analysis-Mass Spectrometry
Takahisa TSUGOSHI, Masamichi FURUKAWA, Masayoshi OHASHI and Yasuo IIDA
National Industrial Research Institute of Nagoya, Hirate-cho, Kita, Nagoya 462-8510, Japan
The thermal degradation processes of the remaining substances in the hydrolysis product of aluminum alkoxide were investigated with evolved gas analysis-mass spectrometry (EGA-MS). Different patterns of the process were obtained from the hydrolysis products with various temperatures which give different products. Concerning boehmite as a 90-hydrolysis product, the carbon compounds are eliminated below about 300, before dehydration from AlOOH to Al2O3 upon heating. Whereas in the case of a boehmite+bayerite mixture as the hydrolysis product at room temperature, dehydration from Al(OH)3 to Al2O3 takes place almost simultaneously with the elimination of carbon compounds below the temperature of dehydration from AlOOH to Al2O3. (Keywords: Aluminum alkoxide, hydrolysis product, sol-gel method, evolved gas analysis, mass spectrometry)