Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 15(3), 233 (1999).

Conically Shaped Chromatographic Column
*National Institute of Chemistry, Hajdrihova 19, P. O. Box 3430, 1001Ljubljana, Slovenia
**University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Chemistry and ChemicalTechnology, Askerceva 5, 1001, Ljubljana, Slovenia
We investigated a column with varying physicalproperties. A change in velocity was induced by a continuously varying thediameter inside the column. Analytical dimensions of the column were used.The diameter was continuously reduced from the analytical one (4.0 mm) to adiameter typical for narrow-bore columns (2.5 mm). Our interest was focusedon the efficiency of a conical column and on the mobile phase velocity init. The results obtained with the conical column were compared to thoseobtained with the conventional analytical column and the narrow column. Thediameter of the narrow column (3.3 mm) was the same as the average diameterof the conical column. The advantage of the conical column over the narrowcolumn was the greater loadability of the conical column and better dynamicefficiency. Compared to the conventional analytical column, a higher linearvelocity at the same flow rate was achieved. Therefore, the retention timeswere shorter and consumption of the mobile phase was smaller. (Keywords: High-performance liquid chromatography, composite columns,conical column, efficiency)