Analytical Sciences: X-ray Structure Analysis Online

Masayuki KOIKAWA − Editorial Board Member

Masayuki KOIKAWA, Professor of Chemistry and Applied Chemistry at Saga University, was born in 1963 in Fukuoka. He received B. of Science (1986), M. of Science (1988), and D. of Science (1991) degrees from Kyushu University. In 1992, he joined the Department of Chemistry at Saga University as a Research Associate (1992 -1996). In this term, he stayed at the laboratory of Professor H. Toftlund, Odense University, Denmark from 1995 to 1996 as the visiting researcher by Research Scientist Exchange Program promoted by Danish Research Academy and JSPS. He was promoted to full-time Lecturer, (1997), Associate Professor (2002), and Professor (2009) at the Department of Chemistry and Applied Chemistry, Saga University.
His major field is coordination chemistry. His current research interests include the synthesis of single molecule magnets and the functional metalloenzyme-models. He is fond of the movies and aquariums.