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About this Journal

X-ray Structure Analysis Online is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry for the concise crystal structure reports of all classes of compounds.

The journal presents unpublished X-ray structure data and structural discussion from academic and industrial research laboratories to make this information available to the public to be used in various fields, including analytical sciences, pharmacology, theoretical chemistry, etc.

Authors should read the "Ethical Guidelines for Authors" presented on a separate page. Papers submitted to this journal are considered with the understanding that they have been neither previously published, nor under consideration elsewhere. Authors are jointly responsible for the content of the publication. Errors in content are considered to be shared equally by all authors. The decision regarding acceptance or rejection of a paper is at the sole discretion of the Editor.

History of this journal

In 1989, Analytical Sciences (vol.5), an international journal for analytical scicence, published first crystal structure reports under the section of "Instrumental Achievements-X-Ray Analysis-". It indicated that the interests and demands for the crystallographic reports had widely speread over many areas of science and technology including the analytical science.

In 2003, the crystallographic reports became an independent journal as Analytical Sciences: X-ray Structure Analysis Online (vol.19) due to the number of reports greatly increased.

At the end of 2008, we made a considerable renovation of the journal including "Instructions to Authors" and publication system in order to achieve more efficent publication. Thus it was a good chance to chage the journal name to fit the new system. The jounral name of X-ray Structure Analysis Online or its abbiration of XSAO were the most commonly used nickname among readers that became the new official name of this journal from 2009 (vol.25).

Since 2016, XSAO articles are indexed and abstracted in Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) that is one of a new index in the Web of Science Core Collection from Clarivate Analytics.

Policy toward institutional repositories
Publisher versions may be deposited immediately after publication. Permission is not required.

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