Analytical Sciences

Takeshi HASEGAWA − Editorial Board Member

Takeshi HASEGAWA, born in 1966, received his PhD from Kyoto University in 1995. He was appointed to be Assistant Professor at Kobe Pharmaceutical University in 1993 and Lecturer in 2001. After he served as Associate Professor at CIT, Nihon University (2003), Researcher of JST PRESTO (2004), and Associate Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology (2006), he joined ICR, Kyoto University as Full Professor in 2011. He is a Fellow of Society for Applied Spectroscopy (USA) after receiving recognition of his original spectroscopic technique of "pMAIRS". Fluorine chemistry on the stratified dipole-arrays (SDA) theory is another of his exciting topics.

from Analytical Sciences, Volume 36, Number 6 (2020).