Analytical Sciences

Best-Paper Award for Analytical Sciences

The paper for this distinction is selected from "Hot Articles" appearing in each year, and is determined by the editorial board members. Since "Hot Articles" are nominated from among "Original Papers, Rapid Communications, Notes, Advancements in Instrumentation", and Reviews, the best paper deserves a prestigious award from among all of the papers published during the year.

Best Paper Award in 2018

PM2.5 Particle Detection in a Microfluidic Device by Using Ionic Current Sensing
Taisuke SHIMADA, Hirotoshi YASAKI, Takao YASUI, Takeshi YANAGIDA, Noritada KAJI, Masaki KANAI, Kazuki NAGASHIMA, Tomoji KAWAI, and Yoshinobu BABA
Analytical Sciences, 2018, 34(12), 1347.
DOI: 10.2116/analsci.18C018

Best Paper Award in 2017

Development of a High-Density Microplasma Emission Source for a Micro Total Analysis System
Ken KAKEGAWA, Ryoto HARIGANE, Mari AIDA, Hidekazu MIYAHARA, Shoji MARUO, and Akitoshi OKINO
Analytical Sciences, 2017, 33(4), 505.
DOI: 10.2116/analsci.33.505