Analytical Sciences

Tsutomu NAGAOKA − Editorial Board Member

Tsutomu NAGAOKA, Professor of Chemistry, at Frontier Science Innovation Center, Osaka Prefecture University, was born in 1952 in Kyoto. He received Bachelor degree of Chemistry at Saitama University, and Master and Doctor (1982) degrees of Science from Kyoto University. He served as a Research Associate and Associate Professor at Yamaguchi University and promoted to Professor in 2000. He then moved to the current position in 2002. He stayed at the laboratory of Dr. Griller' group, National Research Council, Canada (1989−1990), to study photomodulation voltammetry of organic radicals. His present research interests include analytical applications of metal nanoparticles and their arrays. He enjoys cooking almost every evening.

from Analytical Sciences, Volume 23, Number 6, 2007.