Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 37(5), 661 (2021).

Quantum Dots as Biosensors in the Determination of Biochemical Parameters in Xenobiotic Exposure and Toxins
Poorvisha RAVI and Muthupandian GANESAN
Toxicology Division, Regional Forensic Science Laboratory, Forensic Sciences Department, Chennai-600004, India
Quantum dots (QDs) have been exploited for a range of scientific applications where the analytes can be expected to have significant photoluminescent properties. Previously, the applications of QDs as nanosensors for the detection of toxics in biospecimens, especially in cases of poisoning, have been discussed. This review focuses on the applications of QDs as biosensors for the detection of phytotoxins, vertebrate and invertebrate toxins, and microbial toxins present in biospecimens. Further, the role of QDs in the measurement of biochemical parameters of patient/victim as an indirect method of poison detection is also highlighted.