Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 36(1), 17 (2020).

Preparation of Dibenzazepine-containing Polymers and Use as Fluorescent Functional Additives for Estimating Plastic Blend
Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute, 3-4-41 Rokuban, Atsuta, Nagoya 456-0058, Japan
Dibenzazepine-containing polymers were prepared by various polymerization methods and the effects of adding the obtained polymers to plastics were investigated. Dibenzazepine homopolymers were prepared by the oxidative polymerization of commercially available dibenzazepine derivatives and by the dehalogenative polymerization of corresponding dibromodibenzazepines. Dibenzazepine copolymers were prepared from dibromodibenzazepines. The addition of polymers to plastics afforded fluorescent function to them. The fluorescent behavior of a blend composite depended not only on the chemical structure of the polymers, but also on the plastic used as the matrix. The effects of adding dibenzazepine-containing polymer in plastic blends were investigated. When the compatibility of the plastic blend was higher, the fluorescence λmax of the blend became shorter. This suggested that the method using a dibenzazepine-containing polymer is adaptive for estimating of the compatibility of the blend composite by the simple method.