Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 33(9), 1041 (2017).

Optimization of Experimental Parameters for the Performance of Solid-state Dye-sensitized Solar Cells
Miki YAMAGUCHI,*1 Taisei NISIMURA,*1 Woon Yong SOHN,*1 Qing SHEN,*2 Shota KUWAHARA,*3 and Kenji KATAYAMA*1,*4
*1 Department of Applied Chemistry, Chuo University, 1-13-27 Kasuga, Bunkyo, Tokyo 112-8551, Japan
*2 Department of Engineering Science, The University of Electro-Communications, 1-4-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu, Tokyo 182-8585, Japan
*3 Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Toho University, 2-2-1 Miyama, Funabashi, Chiba 274-8510, Japan
*4 Japan Science and Technology Agency, PRESTO, 4-1-8 Honcho, Kawaguchi, Saitama 332-0012, Japan
The effects of various sample parameters for solid-state dye sensitized solar cells were studied with carrier dynamics measurements and electrochemical measurements. Although many parameters and processes have been decided based on the experience of researchers, the chemical and physical reasons for the selections have not been clarified. We studied the effect of the generally utilized materials and processing such as the blocking layer, titanium oxide thickness, surface treatment, and the selection of dyes and hole transfer materials. Based on our findings, we were able to rationally optimize the structure of the solid-state dye sensitized solar cells in terms of cell performance or the lifetime of charge carriers.