Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 33(3), 0391 (2017).

Development of a Multichannel Dialysis Microchip for Bioassay of Drug Efficacy and Retention
Yu SAKUTA, Kin-ichi TSUNODA, and Kiichi SATO
School of Science and Technology, Gunma University, 1-5-1 Tenjincho, Kiryu, Gunma 376-8515, Japan
Here, we developed a multichannel dialysis microchip having three sets of dialysis systems, which consisted of three independent circulation channels with a common micropump. Each dialysis system was composed of a pneumatic micropump (heart), dialysis unit (renal corpuscle), and cell culture chamber (drug target) as well as circulation and dialysate channels to mimic the circulation system. Small molecules were successfully separated in parallel from macromolecules at the dialysis components. Anticancer tests using this microchip showed results that considered both serum protein-binding nature and drug activity. In the anticancer bioassay, the multichannel chip showed similar reproducible and reliable results as those of the single-channel system but with higher throughput.