Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 33(2), 235 (2017).

An Analytical Method for Determining Residual Lactide in Polylactide by Gas Chromatography
Xinchao BIAN,*,** Zhiming CHEN,** Lidong FENG,*,** Bin SUN,*,** Sheng XIANG,*,** Yanlong LIU,*,** Gao LI,* and Xuesi CHEN*
*Key Laboratory of Polymer Ecomaterials, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun 130022, P. R. China
**Zhejiang Hisun Biomaterials Co., Ltd, Taizhou 31800, P. R. China
An analytical method to determine the residual lactide in polylactide (PLA) was proposed using an internal standard method of gas chromatography (GC). PLA samples and diphenyl ether (DPE) as an internal standard were dissolved in dichloromethane, then PLA was precipitated in anhydrous alcohol. The residual lactide and DPE were extracted to alcohol for GC analysis. At room temperature, lactide could react with alcohol and change into ethyl lactoyl lactate (ELL), but the relative response factor of lactide versus DPE could be obtained through a numerical analysis method. Therefore, the residual lactide content could be quantitatively calculated in PLA. The relative standard deviation (RSD) of the measurements is not more than 7.0%, indicating that the method is suitably precise.