Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 33(2), 185 (2017).

Determination of Aluminum in Edible Jellyfish Using Chrome Azurol S with Spot Test on Filter Paper
Dai CHENG, Xinyu ZHANG, Xiang LI, Lihua HOU, and Chunling WANG
Key Laboratory of Food Nutrition and Safety, Ministry of Education, College of Food Engineering and Biotechnology, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Tianjin 300457, P. R. China
Aluminum (Al) has been well known as an environmental factor that may affect several enzymes and other biomolecules related to Alzheimer’s disease. The increasing use of Al in the preparation and storage of food currently represents the main form of Al exposure for the general public. The present study was aimed to develop a household procedure for the rapid test determination of Al in edible jellyfish. The method was developed based on the reaction of Chrome Azurol S with Al in acidic medium, forming a colored compound on the surface of filter paper. Experimental design methodologies were used to optimize the measurement conditions. The proposed method was applied successfully to the analysis of Al in edible jellyfish products in clinical laboratory and household settings.