Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 32(4), 395 (2016).

Mixed Micelle-mediated Extraction and Separation of Scandium from Yttrium and Some Lanthanide Ions
Magdi E. KHALIFA,* Ibrahim M. M. KENAWY,* Mohamed M. HASSANIEN,** and Mohamed M. ELNAGAR*
*Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt
**Chemistry Department, Industrial Education College, Beni-Suef University, Beni-Suef, Egypt
A simple mixed-micelle mediated extraction was elaborated for the preconcentration and determination of scandium(III) by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry. Scandium(III) was complexed with Alizarin Red S and cetyltrimethylammonium bromide at pH 3 to form hydrophobic chelates, which could be extracted with Triton X-114 at room temperature (25°C) in the presence of KI as a salting-out electrolyte. The main parameters of the extraction procedure were investigated in regard to the extraction efficiency of scandium(III). Under the optimum conditions, a linear range of 0.5 – 150 ng mL−1 and a detection limit of 0.2 ng mL−1, along with a preconcentration factor of 100, were achieved. Furthermore, the interference of diverse ions accompanying scandium(III) was extensively studied. The obtained results indicate the high selectivity of the proposed procedure. The accuracy of the procedure was verified through recovery experiments on spiked water samples and synthetic mixtures. The procedure was successfully applied to a scandium(III) determination in clay samples.