Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 32(12), 1375 (2016).

Development of a Novel and Rapid Fully Automated Genetic Testing System
Masayuki UEHARA*,**
*Core Technology Development Center, Corporate Research and Development Div., Seiko Epson Corporation, 281 Fujimi, Suwa, Nagano 399-0293, Japan
**Department of Laboratory Medicine, Shinshu University Hospital, 3-1-1 Asahi, Matsumoto, Nagano 390-8621, Japan
We have developed a rapid genetic testing system integrating nucleic acid extraction, purification, amplification, and detection in a single cartridge. The system performs real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) after nucleic acid purification in a fully automated manner. RNase P, a housekeeping gene, was purified from human nasal epithelial cells using silica-coated magnetic beads and subjected to real-time PCR using a novel droplet-real-time-PCR machine. The process was completed within 13 min. This system will be widely applicable for research and diagnostic uses.