Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 30(3), 427 (2014).

Direct Detection of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) by the TaqMan PCR Assay Using Dried Saliva on Water-soluble Paper and Hair-roots, without DNA Extraction
Mariko HAYASHIDA, Tomoko OTA, Minori ISHII, Kyoko IWAO-KOIZUMI, Shigenori MURATA, and Kenji KINOSHITA
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mukogawa Women’s University, 11-68 Koshien Kyuban, Nishinomiya, Hyogo 663-8179, Japan
We have developed a new method for directly using unprocessed biological specimens as templates for the TaqMan assay. DNA extraction and purification had been believed to be required for the assay, but our new method could avoid hindering fluorescence detection, even if the templates were used directly. Saliva was needed to be put on water-soluble paper and dried, and hairs were cut to be about 10 mm long. This method could reduce both the time and effort involved, and also the risk of contamination. It should prove to be very valuable for genetic diagnoses in various fields.