Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 28(8), 767 (2012).

Synthesis of Cellulose Functionalized with Polyallylamine and Its Application to On-line Collection/Concentration and Determination of Phosphate by ICP/AES
Takashi SUMIDA, Minoru YAMASHITA, Yuka OKAZAKI, Hirohisa KAWAKITA, and Takashi FUKUTOMI
Kochi Prefectural Industrial Technology Center, 3992-3 Nunoshida, Kochi 781-5101, Japan
A novel cellulose-based resin functionalized with polyallylamine was synthesized. It was applied to the collection of phosphate in environmental water samples, followed by concentration determination using an inductively coupled plasma–atomic emission spectrometer (ICP/AES). The synthesized resin, cellulose-glycidylmethacrylate-polyallylamine (CGP), showed good adsorption behavior toward trace amounts of phosphate over a wide pH range. The adsorbed-analyte can be easily eluted using 0.5 M hydrochloric acid; its recoveries was found to be 80 – 100%. The CGP resin synthesized was packed in a mini-column, which was then installed in a computer-controlled auto-pretreatment system for on-line collection/concentration and determination of trace phosphate by ICP/AES. The limit of detection for phosphate was found to be 0.6 μg P l−1. The sample volumes were only 5 ml and the total analysis time was about 4 min. The developed method with CGP resin was successfully applied to the determination of phosphate in river water and tap water samples with satisfactory results. The recovery test showed that common matrices that may exist in environmental waters did not interfere with the determination of phosphate.