Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 28(7), 717 (2012).

Evaluation of Electrochemical Generation of Volatile Zinc Hydride by Heated Quartz Tube Atomizer Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
Mohammad-Hossein ARBAB-ZAVAR,* Mahmoud CHAMSAZ,* Abbas YOUSSEFI,** and Mostafa ALIAKBARI*
*Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran
**Par-e-Tavous Research Institute, Mashhad, Iran
Electrochemical hydride generation (EcHG) as a sample introduction system for determination of zinc was developed. It was directly coupled to an electrically heated quartz tube atomizer (QTA) atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) system. The hydride generator is a laboratory-made semi-batch electrolytic cell that consists of a lead-tin alloy cathode and a platinum anode. The effects of typical parameters on the generation efficiency of the technique, such as types of cathode material and catholyte and anolyte solutions, were studied. The influences of numerical experimental operating parameters on the analytical signal were evaluated in detail and optimum conditions were obtained. The analytical figures of merit for the developed method were determined. The calibration curve was linear up to 300 ng mL−1 of Zn. A concentration detection limit (3σ, n = 9) of 11 ng mL−1 Zn and a relative standard deviation of 5.0% (RSD, n = 9) for 200 ng mL−1 Zn were accessed. In addition, the susceptibility of interference from various ions was evaluated. The accuracy of the method was verified by determination of Zn in a certified reference material and in tap water. The achieved concentrations were found to be in good agreement with both the certified value and the data obtained using flame AAS.