Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 28(3), 225 (2012).

Selective Determination of Trace Iron in Different Oxidation States in Natural Water by Flow Injection–Solid Phase Spectrometry
Shiro MATSUOKA,* Yoshika TENNICHI,** Takashi ITO,* Kosuke HORI,* and Kazuhisa YOSHIMURA**
*Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Science, Niigata University, Ikarashi, Nishi, Niigata 950-2181, Japan
**Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Kyushu University, Hakozaki, Higashi, Fukuoka 812-8581, Japan
A novel method for the selective determination of Fe(II) and Fe(III) in water using 2-nitroso-5-[N-n-propyl-N-(3-sulfopropyl)amino]phenol (PSAP) was developed. QAE-Sephadex anion exchanger packed in a flow-through cell was used as a medium not only for both the concentration and the spectrophotometric measurements of the Fe-PSAP complex, but also for reduction of the Fe(III)-PSAP complex. The PSAP complex of Fe(II) or Fe(III) was strongly adsorbed on the anion exchanger in a weakly acidic to weakly basic region, but the Fe(III) complex was readily and completely reduced to the Fe(II) complex only in a neutral to weakly alkaline region in the solid phase. These properties were utilized to determine the Fe(II) and total Fe concentration without the addition of any reducing agent. The detection limits (3σ) were 0.18 ng for Fe(II) and 0.18 ng for total Fe using a 3.2-cm3 sample solution. The present method is applicable to the determination of dissolved iron species present at μg dm−3 levels in natural water samples.