Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 28(2), 95 (2012).

A System for the Rapid Determination of the Mutation Spectrum in Escherichia coli
Yohei TASHIRO,* Akinori KATABAMI,* Kyoichi SAITO,* and Daisuke UMENO*,**
*Department of Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology, Chiba University, 1-33 Yayoi, Inage, Chiba 263-8522, Japan
**PRESTO, JST, 7 Goban-cho, Chiyoda, Tokyo 102-0076, Japan
The first step toward elucidating the mutagenic effects of chemicals and pathways is to determine the specificity of the mutations generated spontaneously or in response to treatment with mutagens. We constructed a set of plasmid-encoded probes for the specific detection of each type of base substitution mutation. Using these probes, we were able to quickly determine both the mutation rate and the specificity of the mutations caused by different types of mutagens and mutagenic conditions. We also developed a PCR-based method to rapidly and robustly determine the mutation spectrum in response to various mutagenic samples in parallel. This system allows one to not only analyze the mutation specificity of various chemicals, but also to search for novel genetic elements that promote the specific mutation events.