Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 27(8), 857 (2011).

Analysis of Phosphorus-containing Amino Acid-type Herbicides by Sheathless Capillary Electrophoresis/Electrospray Ionization–Mass Spectrometry Using a High Sensitivity Porous Sprayer
Mio KAWAI,* Yoshiaki IWAMURO,* Reiko IIO-ISHIMARU,* Satoshi CHINAKA,* Nariaki TAKAYAMA,* and Kazuichi HAYAKAWA**
*Forensic Science Laboratory, Ishikawa Prefectural Police Headquarters, 1-1 Kuratsuki, Kanazawa 920-8553, Japan
**Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Kanazawa University, Kakuma, Kanazawa 920-1192, Japan
We describe a new practical capillary electrophoresis/electrospray ionization–mass spectrometry (CE/ESI-MS) method for the forensic analysis of phosphorus-containing amino acid-type herbicides, glyphosate (GLYP), glufosinate (GLUF) and bialaphos (BIAL). A new sheathless interface, a high sensitivity porous sprayer (HSPS), was used in this study. The limits of detections of GLYP, GLUF and BIAL were 7.6, 0.61 and 0.57 pg, respectively. These values were 4 – 36 times lower than these obtained by conventional CE/ESI-MS using a sheath liquid. The developed method was successfully applied to the analysis of beverages spiked with the herbicides.