Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 27(12), 1185 (2011).

Simple Chemiluminescence Aptasensors Based on Resonance Energy Transfer
Yeqian JIN, Wenjing SHI, Mengyun ZHOU, Yifeng TU, and Jilin YAN
Department of Chemistry, Suzhou University, 199 Ren’ai Road, Industrial Park, Suzhou 215123, China
In the present work, two aptamer-based probes and related sensor systems were developed with chemiluminescence signaling. The detection was based on “turning-on” chemiluminescence with switching “off” of the resonance energy transfer after the aptamer’s recognition of the target molecule. In this design, a DNA/aptamer duplex linked a chemiluminescence group and a gold nanoparticle together. Only low-intensity chemiluminescence was obtained due to the highly efficient resonance energy transfer. After introducting the target molecule, structure-switching took place with turning off the energy transfer; thus, a restoration and turning on of the chemiluminescence was obtained. The two designs differed in the chemiluminescence groups, since one was a covalently linked luminol molecule, while the other was a conjugated horseradish peroxidase for the catalysis of further chemiluminescence reactions. These schemes provided simple and effective sensing toward a model analyte, adenosine.