Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 25(7), 941 (2009).

Development of a Simple Column Electrode for Sensitive and Rapid Coulometry
Megumi Kasuno,*,** Katsuki Morishima,* Takayuki Matsushita,* and Sorin Kihara***
*Department of Materials Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, Ryukoku University, Seta, Otsu 520-2194, Japan
**Department of Materials Chemistry, Innovative Materials and Processing Research Center, Ryukoku University, Seta, Otsu 520-2194, Japan
***Kyoto Institute for Interesting Chemistry, 40-5 Sakuradani Kamikazan, Yamashina, Kyoto 607-8466, Japan
A simple column electrode, S-CE, with a glassy carbon fibers working electrode stuffed into a Teflon tube was developed. The current-potential curves for the reductions of [Fe(CN)6]3− and Fe3+ observed at the S-CE were analyzed based on a theory for those at an ordinary column electrode. A quantitative electrolysis was performed at the S-CE rapidly within 20 s. An accurate and precise coulometric determination could be attained at the S-CE even with a fairly dilute solution. For example, coulometric reductions of 5 × 10−5 and 5 × 10−6 M Fe3+ were attained with efficiencies (n = 5) of 99.7 ± 0.2 and 101.9 ± 1.1%, respectively.