Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 25(10), 1177 (2009).

Highly Localized Light Field on Metallic Nanoarrays Prepared with DNA Nanofibers
Hidenobu NAKAO,* Hideki HAYASHI,** Hiroshi SHIIGI,*** and Kazushi MIKI*
*Nanoarchitecture Group, Organic Nanomaterials Center, National Institute for Materials Science, 1-1 Namiki, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0044, Japan
**Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute, 3-4-41 Rokuban, Atsuta, Nagoya, Aichi 456-0058, Japan
***Frontier Science Innovation Center, Osaka Prefecture University, 1-2 Gakuencho, Naka, Sakai, Osaka 599-8570, Japan
We have reported a one-step method for creating one-dimensional metallic nanoarrays on surfaces. This method is based on the processes of solvent vapor-induced buildup and controlled drying front movement, and forms parallelly aligned metallic nanoarrays exceeding several hundred micrometers in length on a poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) sheet. Strong light scattering originating from highly localized electromagnetic (light) fields was observed on prepared metallic nanoarrays. Furthermore, the enhancement of electromagnetic fields localized on prepared metallic nanoarrays strongly depended on the incident-light polarization.