Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 25(1), 137 (2009).

Determination and Size-Fractional Distribution of the Elements in Garlic
Yanbei ZHU,* Kazumi INAGAKI,* Hiroki HARAGUCHI,** and Koichi CHIBA*
*Environmental Standard Section, Inorganic Analytical Chemistry Division, National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), 1-1-1 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8563, Japan
**Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University, Furo-cho, Chikusa, Nagoya 464-8603, Japan
Thirty elements in garlic sample were determined by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) and inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) after microwave digestion. The concentrations of K, Ca,Na, Sr, and Hg in the present garlic sample were higher than those in rice and wheat, but the concentration of Se in the garlic sample was relatively lower. The extractability of the elements in the garlic sample was also examined; the results showed that most of the elements could be easily extracted by pure water and/or a 0.1 M HNO3 solution, except for Hg. Furthermore, the size-fractional distribution of the elements in garlic was investigated by pure water extraction and centrifugal ultrafiltration.