Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 24(1), 115 (2008).

A Novel Chemiluminescence Technique for Quantitative Measurement of Low Concentration Human Serum Albumin
Wei XU, Yanchun WEI, Da XING, and Qun CHEN
MOE Key Laboratory of Laser Life Science and Institute of Laser Life Science, South China Normal University, Guangzhou 510631, China
An efficient and highly sensitive chemiluminescence (CL) technique is proposed in the current study for detection of low levels of human serum albumin (HSA). Chemiluminescence (CL) produced during interaction between fluoresceinyl cypridina luciferin analog (FCLA)-1O2 can be modified with the presence of HSA. The conventional CL technique uses a quenching effect of HSA for its quantitative measurement. We are reporting here that the CL intensity can be enhanced, rather than quenched, by the addition of HSA. The CL signal can be linearly correlated with the HSA concentration over a clinically interesting range of 5 × 10-9 - 8 × 10-8 mol L-1, with a detection limit of 2.5 × 10-9 mol L-1. The determination result was consistent with that obtained from conventional methods. One possible mechanism of HSA detection technique using CL enhancement approach is discussed. Intermolecular energy transfer in chemiluminescence systems and changes of microenvironment are likely to be contributors of the CL enhancement with HSA.