Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 23(7), 921 (2007).

Systematization Method for Distinguishing Plastic Groups by Using NIR Spectroscopy
Mikio KAIHARA, Minami SATOH, and Minoru SATOH
Department of Chemical Engineering, Ichinoseki National College of Technology, Aza Takanashi, Hagisyo, Ichinose 021-8511, Japan
A systematic classification method for polymers is not yet available in case of using near infrared spectra (NIR). That is why we have been searching for a systematic method. Because raw NIR spectra usually have few obvious peaks, NIR spectra have been pretreated by 2nd derivation for taking well modulated spectra. After the pretreatment, we applied classification and regression trees (CART) to the discrimination between the spectra and the species of polymers. As a result, we obtained a relatively simple classification tree. Judging from the obtained splitting conditions and the classified polymers, we concluded that obtained knowledge on the chemical function groups estimated by the important wavelength regions is not always applicable to this classification tree. However, we clarified the splitting rules for polymer species from the NIR spectral point of view.