Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 23(5), 513 (2007).

Rapid and Sensitive Determination of the Conversion of UV-cured Acrylic Ester Resins by Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography in the Presence of an Organic Alkali
Hideki MATSUBARA* and Hajime OHTANI**
*Aichi Industrial Technology Institute, Kariya 448-0003, Japan
**Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya 466-8555, Japan
The double-bond conversion of UV-cured resins prepared from pentaerithritol triacylate (PETA) was determined by pyrolysis-gas chromatography in the presence of an organic alkali, tetramethylammonium hydoxide (TMAH). The pyrogram of the uncured prepolymer compound, consisting of PETA and a photoinitiator, 2,2-dimethoxy-2-phenylacetophenone, contained specific products reflecting the original acrylate structure, such as methyl acrylate (MA) and methyl ethers of pentaerithritol. Meanwhile, in pyrograms of the UV-cured PETA, the yields of MA considerably decreased. The double-bond conversions of the cured resins, irradiated with various UV dosages, were calculated based on the relative yields of MA among specific products in the pyrograms. The conversions determined by this approach were analyzed by comparing them with those estimated by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy.