Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 21(1), 1 (2005).

A Novel Kinetic Method for the Speciation of Cadmium in River Water by Micro Solvent Extraction with Dithizone
Tokuo SHIMIZU, Yoshinori HIRAOKA, Miyuki KIKUCHI, and Nobuo UEHARA
Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Utsunomiya University, Utsunomiya 321-8585, Japan
Cadmium species in river water were kinetically extracted with dithizone by varying the extraction time. The obtained extraction curve showed a three-stage stepwise profile that reflected the rate of the ligand substitution reaction between the dithizone and cadmium species. Corresponding to each stage, we divided these extracted cadmium species into three groups: “highly labile”, “moderately labile” and “slowly labile” species.