Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 20(11), 1533 (2004).

Interfacial Adsorption State of Protonated Lipophilic Porphyrins in a Liquid-Liquid System by Using Reflection Spectrometry
Yoshio MORIYA, Shinichi NAKATA, Hirotaka MORIMOTO, and Nobuaki OGAWA
Faculty of Engineering and Resource Science, Akita University, 1-1 Tegata Gakuen-cho, Akita 010-8502, Japan
Analysis by reflection spectrometry was performed to clarify the interfacial adsorption of protonated lipophilic tetraphenylporphyrin derivatives in a dodecane-aqueous sulfuric acid system, and to confirm the utility of partial reflection spectroscopy. Interfacial adsorption was not observed for porphyrins substituted at the 2,6 positions of meso-phenyl groups, suggesting that the substituents prevent porphyrins from forming aggregates by steric hindrance. Polymorphous J-aggregates of acid dications were produced by tetra-p-tolylporphyrin with a saturated interfacial molecular density of 1.0 × 10-10 mol cm-2, which could yield 48° as a mean tilting angle of the pyrrole ring plane from the interface normal. Partial-reflection spectrometry can provide sensitive detection and molecular orientation analysis of interfacial adsorbates.