Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 20(1), 9 (2004).

Detection of Pb2+ Using a Hydrogel Swelling Microcantilever Sensor
Ke LIU and Hai-Feng JI 
Department of Chemistry and Institute for Micromanufacturing, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, Louisiana 71272, USA
Hydrogels containing benzo-18-crown-6 were used to modify microcantilevers for measurements of the concentration of Pb2+ in aqueous solutions. These microcantilevers undergo bending deflection upon exposure to solutions containing various Pb2+ concentrations as the result of a swelling of the hydrogels. It was found that a concentration of 10-6 M Pb2+ can be detected using this technology. Other cations, such as Na+, have no effect on the deflection of this cantilever. The cation K+, which also complexes with benzo-18-crown-6, could interfere with Pb2+ detection, but only at high concentrations (> 10-4 M).