Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 19(7), 1089 (2003).

Crystal Structure of[p-C6H4(CH2ImMe)2][PtCl6]
Dacheng LI and DaojieLIU 
Department of Chemistry, LiaochengUniversity, Liaocheng, Shandong 252059, P. R. China
The structure of the title complex consistsof a[p-C6H4(CH2ImMe)2]2+ and [PtCl6]2- pair. The platinum atom ishexacoordinated by six chloride ions in octahedral coordination geometry.The average Pt-Cl bond distance is 2.3199 Å. The imidazolium cationand hexachloroplatinate anion are linked via hydrogen bonds, and thecrystal packing is governed by the CH…Cl interactions.