Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 19(12), 1605 (2003).

Development of a Simultaneous Analysis Method for Carbofuran and Its Three Derivative Pesticides in Water by GC/MS with Temperature Programmable Inlet On-column Injection
Tatsuhiko KAWAMOTO  and Nobuko MAKIHATA
Water Environment Division, Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Environmental Sciences, 2-1-29, Arata, Hyogo, Kobe 652-0032, Japan
A simultaneous analytical method was examined for carbofuran and its derivative pesticides in water. Since carbofuran derivatives are hydrolyzed to carbofuran in water, the liquid-liquid extraction method was used to obtain an accurate concentration value. Moreover, since these compounds are easily decomposed at the GC/MS injection port, temperature programmable inlet on-column injection was used. By combining the two methods, a sensitive analytical method was established without hydrolysis and thermal decomposition. As a result of recovery experiments using distilled water, river water and tap water, acceptable recovery rates and favorable reproducibility were obtained. This method was used in a field investigation to determine carbofuran and its derivative pesticides in river water taken from three points of the Y river over a period of one year. Carbofuran, benfuracarb, and carbosulfan were detected and corresponded to the period when these pesticides were used in the area. Although benfuracarb and carbosulfan using traditional methods are believed to easily hydrolyze and thermally decompose during the analytical process, by using our method they can be detected.