Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 18(8), 927 (2002).

X-Ray Absorption Spectral Studies on the Anion-Selectivity of a Ruthenium(II) Polypyridine Complex-Impregnated Polymer Ultrathin Film
Shuji MATSUO,*  Sunao YAMADA,** Taku MATSUO,* and Hisanobu WAKITA*,***
*Advanced Materials Institute, Fukuoka University, Nanakuma, Jonan, Fukuoka 814-0180, Japan
**Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry, Kyushu University, Hakozaki, Higashi, Fukuoka 812-8581, Japan
***Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Fukuoka University, Nanakuma, Jonan, Fukuoka 814-0180, Japan
The anion-selectivity of the surface of a polymer ultrathin film incorporating an amphiphilic ruthenium(II) polypyridine complex with diperchlorate was examined using X-ray absorption spectroscopy with the total electron-yield method. The adsorbed species on the film surface were found to depend on the chemical composition in water where the film was prepared. By combining the X-ray absorption spectra with a molecular-orbital calculation, the molar ratio (MClO4/MRu) between the ClO4- ions and the Ru head group on the film surface could be semi-quantitatively analyzed; it was 0.88 for a film prepared on fresh water, and 1.4 for one prepared on old water.