Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 18(1), 73 (2002).

Separation and Control of the Elution Order of N-t-Butyloxycarbonyl Amino Acids D/L Isomers by Reversed-phase HPLC Using Cyclodextrins as Chiral Selectors for the Mobile Phase
Shin WATANABE,  Mizue KAWAHARA, Kaoru MIURA, and Isao ASO
RC Research Laboratory, Tokuyama Corporation, 40, Wadai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 300-4247, Japan
The enantiomeric resolution of N-t-butyloxycarbonyl (N-t-Boc) amino acids D/L isomers by reversed-phase HPLC was investigated using cyclodextrins (CD's) as chiral selectors for the mobile phase. The use of a low pH (pH<4) for the mobile phase enabled the enantioseparation of N-t-Boc amino acids. The opposite elution order of D/L isomers was observed when hydroxypropyl-derivatized beta-CD was used instead of native beta-CD. A computer simulation of the enantioseparation showed that the ratio of the retention factors of the chiral selector and the sample determined the elution order and the resolution. When the retention factor of the chiral selector is smaller than that of the sample, an isomer having larger complex formation constant eluted faster. However, when the chiral selector had a larger retention factor than the sample, an opposite elution order of the isomers was obtained. The large difference in the retention factors between the chiral selector and the sample led to good enantiomeric separation.